A revolutionary app built for smart artists like you.

We live in a world where everything moves at a glacial pace, smarter than ever imagined. The total number of smartphones in India has reached a 1 billion mark. Your clients and you are part of this revolution. And, being a smart artist, its time you opted for a smart app that makes life easy for both.

PhotoGranth is a smart app built for on – the – move smart artists like you, an app that enhances your business in such a way that you can focus on your art and leave the rest to this app. How?  Explore our website to know – how.

Photographers 7 problems. Our 1 Smart solution

After countless hours of research and working with photographers, our app was born to answer these
7 core challenges faced by passionate photographers like you.

  • No sync with latest technology
  • Need for active digital portfolio
  • Lack of brand recognition and visibility
  • Entail preview anytime and anywhere
  • Delay in album selection and payments
  • Necessary security and privacy
  • No track of client preferences

But no more!

Photogranth is the answer to these worries. Our beautiful features shoulder your challenges and make you shine, allowing you to make your clients relive their countless memories anywhere anytime.

So, make the smart move of introducing Photogranth into your world.

 Go ahead, and upgrade to Photogranth



Unlimited word of mouth on social media

Our app gives your clients the flexibility to like and share their favorite images on social media:


Whichever media you upload your images, it’s about to get noticed. Each and every image carries your signature, making your brand visible to your client, their friends and friends of friends too. It gives your brand leverage high word of mouth, which means more business.

View images, online and offline

In addition, our app gives you another smart feature to help your clients view images offline too. Whether connected or not, they can always recall and relive memories whenever they wish to; further making previews superfast.



Available on all devices

Morbi leo risus, porta ac consectetur at eros. Maecenas faucibus mollis interdu curabitur. Fusion is available for download on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and the Web.


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  • Always wanted to know how many recognize your brand of talent and how many has your campaign reached out to?

    Well, our advanced dashboard gives you regular updates of data on who likes your campaign, which images they favour and from where they belong. This ensures your brand is promoted limitlessly and garners more business in the region as well as clientele frontiers.

  • As a smart artist you like to try out various shapes and sizes to bring your clients moments of celebration, love or more come to life.

    Our app allows you to view captured moments in many sizes as per your choice. This way no selected and sized image goes unnoticed and you always get appreciated for the smart artist you are.

  • Your app understands that videos bring a story alive.

    Photogranth believes in making you and your clients relive memories and what better way than videos. Our app gives you one such additional feature of uploading videos for your clients to view and share with their friends anywhere and anytime.

A modern work flow

Still moving around with albums? Welcome new age digital delivery in your life with your own app. Say bye to DVDs or albums, with your app its instant digital viewing for all. Be it pitching your brand or sharing campaigns, everything on the go, on our app


Company behind Photogranth

Photogranth was founded early 2015 and is based in the Mumbai, India. We make award-winning mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms.

We are fond of beautiful things and smooth user-experience and that is what we aim for in our apps. Design and look and feel at its best.




Our Team

Vipul PatelFounder & CEO

Vipul Patel

Founder & CEO

A new business rainmaker. An entrepreneur. A team player. A technologist. These are just few words that can describe Vipul. Driving new launches and rapid profits through perpetual relationship cultivation amongst national corporations across various parts the country has been his forte. An astute relationship builder, instrumental in startup and dealer expansion with multi year deals. With more than a decade experience in Photo Industry and years of co-working with photographer gives an edge to Vipul on his insights about the industry and co-creating innovative products for the industry.

Specialties: New Launches. Photo-Industry. Driving profits.

Himanshu Modi


A technologist. An entrepreneur. A team leader. Spearheading a tech firm for more than a decade, a rich experience of serving local and global clients for their tech needs across web and mobile gives himanshu an edge on the latest in tech. Being a quick problem solver and task master ensures that Himanshu leaves no stone un-turned.

Specialties: Technology. Innovation. Mobile. Web

Himanshu ModiCo-Founder
Pravin ShahCo-Founder

Pravin Shah


A creative strategist. An entrepreneur. An innovator with over a decade of experience in advertising and marketing. Has been instrumental in launching various brands across categories. Has created successful business enterprises and teams and has many accolades to his credit.

Specialties: Brand Strategy. Launches. Innovation.

Vishal Parekh


A marketing brain with over a decade of experience in Photo & It industry. Has worked with some of the major brands in leadership position. With numerous awards and accolades, Vishal is a strong believer in Relationship Management, and has been involved in successfully developing complete distribution network and channel. With more than 300-cities roadshow in a calendar year, Vishal has ensured that he not only is a strategic thinker but also a task-master.
Specialties: Relationship management, Brand Management, Channel Management
Vishal ParekhCo-Founder

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    12 GB
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INR 32,500/-

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  • Testimonial

    Being a celebrity photographer,I always doubted digital delivery as my clients wanted a secured and private approach….PhotogranthMobile Appwas the answer to all my doubts. With a highly secured and private environment, my clients’ events are kept private and secure to them as they wish. While sharing photographs is customized to private, my art is still visible to a large number of audiences with my own branding. I would highly recommend this app to every photographer.

    Ram Bherwani
  • Testimonial

    My busy schedule never allowed me to understand what’s actually happening with my campaigns... until I got my own PhotogranthApp. The advanced dashboard shows me the bigger picture on the number of campaigns I have done, number of enquiries received, from which city etc.! Today, I have full insights on my total consumers’ reach and it’s easy for me to plan for the future.A must app for artists who would like to manage business better.

    P K Suri
  • Testimonial

    Photogranth mobile app has helped me discover more about my style… and audience’s response towards it. The single screen dashboard from the app gives me a broad idea on who viewed my photographs, and which photograph was liked more by them. Something I would have never knownwith the album approach because it’s impossible to reach so many people at one go. With Photogranth,I am discovering something new everyday more and more!5 Stars to Photogranth app!

    Raju Sultania
  • Testimonial

    Gayeh woh din jab main DVD or Albums lekarghoomtarehtatha! Abmera art mere mobile app par hain.Zamanekesaathchalnebohotzaroorihain,nahintoh client bhavnahindetehain. Agar technology aur art saath main hohtoh client bhizyada respect detahain.Maine tohapna app banakeapna collar tight karliyahain.Der math kariye, aapbhiapna app banaiye!

    Atul Video
  • Testimonial
    I tried all modern techniques but no single app fulfilled it till date … With Photogranth MobileApp, my images’selection has been made simple and extremely easy! My clients can relieve their event memories anywhere anytime backed by a powerful technology. Today,I have my own mobile app and that has made my business more mobile and approachable.
  • Testimonial
    Being a wedding photographer from years, I am always on a time crunch... But,with PhotogranthMobile App, I have created more time for myself in life. With its incredible features, I have made my clients more independent when it comes to images’ selection for album-making, a process that used to consume my time a lot. Thanks to this app, life is simpler and focused.
    Vivek Sequeira

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